The Loving Earth Project – Caring for the World We Love

This is a ‘work in progress online exhibition’ displaying 90 textile panels created by members of the community in response to climate crisis.

The Loving Earth Project celebrates people, places, creatures and other things that we love but whose future is threatened by climate breakdown or pollution. It uses arts and crafts and specifically this community textile project, to help us engage with the issues.

By looking at one particular thing that we care about, finding connections and making something beautiful as we reflect on them, we hope this project will inspire people to take action and live more sustainably for the sake of love.

Browse the panels in the Gallery and find out more information including about how to get involved below.


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Bees are important as pollinators.

They are endangered by loss of habitats and insecticides, also water and places to make a nest or hibernate .

I can make a nest or bee hotel, provide food plants and water, and stop using insecticides.


Simple workshops can help us think about what we can do ourselves in the face of the environmental challenges. Some people develop their reflections by making textile panels to join a travelling and online exhibition.

The project is open to anyone, of any age; as individuals or groups. The workshop responses and textile panels on display here were among the first to be made. Some may make textile panels, hold workshops, organise a display or be inspired in other ways. It can be fun and lead to good discussions but has a serious purpose in supporting action for the future of our environment.

Join a panel of experts for a conversation about the issues raised in the project on Friday 8 January at 7:30 via zoom – book here

Our website has details about the project with resources and events. Why not join in? @LovingEarthProject


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