The Loving Earth Project

The Loving Earth Project was due to come to Riverhouse between in April 2020 but is now due to be exhibiting from 6 Jan to 7 Feb alongside some workshops, talks and environmental events.

The LOVING EARTH PROJECT celebrates people, places, creatures and other things that we love but which are threatened by growing environmental breakdown. It offers a way in to help people engage with the issues without being overwhelmed.

Climate break-down and species extinctions are happening all over the world. We hope this project will inspire people to make connections and change our habits, to live more sustainably for the sake of love. The environmental crises will not go away with Coronavirus, and this project is offers ways to be creative and constructive, even when in isolation.

Individuals and groups are invited to explore how the future of something, someone or somewhere that we love is affected by our own actions. The exploration can take many forms, from arts and crafts, to conversations, spiritual practices, and/or research . There’s a community textile project which you can contribute to, or borrow to display, workshops to join or organise locally, and opportunities to share your findings online and in physical displays to inspire others.

Like everyone, our plans have been upended by the Corona virus pandemic but in fact this project is an ideal one to do when isolated . We have developed some basic guidance for individuals or those devising workshops.

Please bear with us if there are inconsistances in this website meanwhile, and email us at if you’d like to join our e-mail list or have other enquiries. You can also connect with us @LovingEarthProject on Facebook and Instagram and support the project by telling others who might be interested.

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