Lyngo Theatre presents There and Back Again – An Odyssey

Follow CBeebies’ Patrick Lynch as he uses a pioneering mix of live cinema and theatre to take you on a thrilling ride across the magical world of ancient Greece. With miniature sets he directs the lights, camera and action in front of your eyes to show the famous battles, floating islands, one-eyed giants and angry Gods that make up Ulysses’s 20 year struggle to get back home.

The use of multiple cameras magnifies our table-top puppetry in widescreen down to the smallest detail, turning a storm-in-a-teacup into an Aegean tempest, laying out the fundamental fable hidden in this classic of world literature and proving that no matter how far you roam, there’s no place like Homer.

This performance will be livestreamed at 2pm on Sunday 25th October.

This performance is streamed on a “donate to view” basis. Please donate, if you can, at


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