Bus Journey-II

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The ‘Bus Journey’ paintings are based around travelling from Bermondsey Square into St Martin’s College (London) when I was undertaking a course on abstract art. The paintings are a culmination of the landscapes, smells, textures, sounds – literally anything and everything that my senses took in on that journey. As someone on the autistic spectrum, I experience profound sensory sensitivities, so using public transport is a very heightened and challenging experience for me.

What started as a series of small lines, shapes and sketches in my notebook (these worked well as a coping mechanism) were then transformed into these large vibrant paintings. They contain a great deal of energy and movement – and I hope that you can sense the melody too. 

The ‘Transitions’ series are an extension of the thought process behind ‘Bus Journey’, though were painted after spending a year abroad. As a result, they contain influences from Columbia, Guatemala and New York City.


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