In Harmony – Online Exhibition

Claire Hardwick-Wilson: painting, Dawn Thornhill: paper art, Jaroslaw Horbacz: painting, Graham Smith: ceramics, Jackie Kirk: printmaking, Keira Graham: textile, Louisa Sullivan: glass, Sophie De Taranto: jewellery, Klara Smith paper: art/printmaking

Claire Harwick-Wilson: Paintings
Claire can be contacted e. or

Dawn Thornhill: Paper Art

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the simplicity and endless potential of paper.

Hand-cutting pages, layering and lighting, to create three-dimensional structures that capture the beauty of the natural word, is my passion.

Watching a piece evolve from sketch to design, adapting as I cut, and seeing the delicacy of the shadows creating contrast on the layers,  will always be magical to me.

If people want to purchase any of my work, they can email me:

Kiera Graham – All artworks are scenes created from torn silk and are framed in 3cm box framed with UV protective Artglass to preserve the rock colours of the silk used. To contact Keira:

Keira Graham
07939 515101

Klara Smith: Paper Art/Printmaking –
contact via my website

Louisa Sullivan – Glass
Louisa produces handcrafted pieces of glass in her Guildford studio. Her elegant pieces of solid glass show form and texture, creating harmony within. She also known for her decorative glass bowls, that incorporate variety of mediums from enamels to metals. Please contact her at or

Graham Smith – Ceramics

Jackie Kirk – Printmaking

These pieces are inspired by the wonderful and varied wildlife that visit my garden throughout the year. Animals are a particular favourite as a subject, being full of character and providing interesting and fun narratives with which to create prints.
For information on sales, please contact the artist directly on See more work at

Sophie de Taranto: Jewellery
contact: email or purchase at 

Jaroslaw Horbacz: painting


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