Climate Emergency

Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre

Climate Emergency Mission Statement

Working with our community of artists, performers, volunteers and visitors we declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

We recognise that as a community arts centre, Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre has a responsibility to lead and support change in this critical area. We pledge to work with and support our community and local government in tackling this emergency and we invite others to do the same. We will work to ensure that the people we work with have access to information and have their voices heard.

We are pledging to take a number of key actions over the coming twelve months.

  1. We are going to deliver a ‘building forecast’ for the community who use RIverhouse to help people think about the environmental impact of our building and how they can help us to reduce our energy usage.

  2. We are going to retrofit our 18thcentury barn to reduce our operating carbon footprint as much as possible. This will cover lighting, heating and power generation. 

  3. We are going to continue our drive to eradicate single-use plastic in every part of the organisation’s operation.

  4. We will continue to improve the sustainability of our Community Café in collaboration with local retailers to reduce food waste.

  5. We will develop local networks to encourage sustainable practices within Elmbridge.

We will review our progress on these actions regularly, reviewing best practice locally and within the arts sector, setting new actions and targets for the next period.

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Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre is run by Riverhouse Barn Ltd, a limited company wholly owned by Walton-On-Thames Community Arts Trust  (Charity number 292178)