Mt Felix Tapestry

Riverhouse is excited to be touring the Mount Felix Tapestry to New Zealand from July 2018 to September 2019. This beautiful community stitch project commemorates the centenary of the Mount Felix Hospital in Walton throughout WWI. The Mount Felix hospital (New Zealand General Hospital 2) was created for soldiers from New Zealand wounded at Gallipoli and later battles. We have discovered moving true stories of soldiers from the hospital, on their journey from New Zealand through fighting at Gallipoli, being wounded and shipped to Mount Felix. We have identified three stories of soldiers who met and fell in love with their future wives during their time at Mount Felix. These stories as well as those of nurses and doctors as well as members of the community of walton create a narrative.

This narrative has been beautifully illustrated by Andrew Crummy who designed the Prestonpans Tapestry (104m long community stitch project in Scotland). His illustrations form a tapestry of 44 panels currently being stitched by community groups ranging from primary schools to experienced embroiderers. We have a community panel traveling around walton at present, so you can catch up with it and add your stitches to it in the library. Follow our facebook page for more details.

If you would like to help us fund a tour of the UK after the NZ tour, please contact Emily at – we are grateful to our many generous funders including the sponsors below as well as WHDFAS, The Browne Family, Hilary Brookes, Simon Holdings (who currently occupy the Clocktower which is the last remaining part of the building)

Please visit our dedicated website: for more information.


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