Artist Interviews at Riverhouse

Artist Interviews in the Robert Phillips Gallery at the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre.

As exhibitions come and go, we thought it appropriate to keep a record of the artists and their work, for visitors to enjoy again online, or if you missed an exhibition there is a chance to see what it was all about!

So far we have interviewed:

Julie Peel (potter)
Jo Maynard (wildlife artist)
Sophie de Taranto (aka Shutter Jewellery)
Klara Smith (papercutter) and Graham Smith (potter)
Jaroslaw Horbacz (painter)
Dawn Thornhill (papercutter)
Jackie Kirk (linocut printmaker)
Keira Graham (textile artist)
Claire Grahame (textiles tutor and sculpter)
Michael Blann (advertising photographer)
Anne North, discussing the artist Francis Truesdale (1947 – 2020)
The Fabrications Artist Collective (multiple media)
Sarah Simonds-Gooding (mixed media)
Phoenix Contemporary Textiles Group (textiles artists)
The Surrey Guild of Craftsmen (multiple media)
Patsy Fraser (theatre designer)
David Gamble (oil painter)
George Boughton (book publisher)
Riverside Artists Group (multiple media)

Videos filmed and edited by Louise Lovekin


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